Argentina vs France head-to-head record in football: Who has the edge?

Football fans worldwide are in for a colossal clash as Argentina and France, two football giants, prepare to face off. Both teams have World Cup glory twice, showing their football prowess. As anticipation builds for the final, let’s explore their football stories and the impending showdown.

Argentina, a football powerhouse, boasts a rich history in the sport. Their mix of passion and skill brought them World Cup success twice. Led by Lionel Messi, the Argentine team is known for creativity and resilience. With a legacy rooted in football tradition and a team of talented players, Argentina stands strong.

On the other side, we have reigning champs, France. They made a comeback and won the last World Cup. With players like Kylian Mbappe, they play with energy and strategy. France’s journey from underdog to a football powerhouse is about determination and talent.

Let’s dive into this exciting rivalry. In this article, we’ll closely look at Argentina vs France football tea,s head-to-head record. We’ll check their past matches, wins, and draws. From historic games to nail-biting clashes, we’ll explore their football journey and the excitement they bring.

Argentina vs France national teams head-to-head record at FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup has witnessed some memorable clashes between football powerhouses Argentina and France. As we dig into their head-to-head record at this prestigious tournament, the drama, skill, and passion of these encounters come to life.

Their first-ever meeting happened in the 1930 World Cup group stage. Argentina secured a narrow victory with a score of 1-0. This early clash set the stage for a rivalry that would span decades.

Fast-forward to the 1978 World Cup, hosted by Argentina. In a group stage match, Argentina emerged victorious once again, defeating France 2-1. This win showcased Argentina’s dominance on their home turf.

The 2018 World Cup added a new chapter to their rivalry. Argentina and France faced each other in a gripping round of 16 match. France managed to secure a thrilling 4-3 victory, captivating fans with a high-scoring and intense game.

As the 2022 World Cup final approaches, Argentina and France are on the brink of another epic showdown. Football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await their upcoming clash, as both teams aim to etch their mark in history.

Argentina vs France football teams head-to-head record

No.YearMatch ResultEvent
11930Argentina 1-0 FranceFIFA World Cup
21965France 0-0 ArgentinaFriendly
31971Argentina 3-4 FranceFriendly
41971Argentina 2-0 FranceFriendly
51972Argentina 0-0 FranceBrazil Ind. Cup
61974France 0-1 ArgentinaFriendly
71977Argentina 0-0 FranceFriendly
81978Argentina 2-1 FranceFIFA World Cup
91986France 2-0 ArgentinaFriendly
102007France 0-1 ArgentinaFriendly
112009France 0-2 ArgentinaFriendly
122018France 4-3 ArgentinaFIFA World Cup
132022TBDFIFA World Cup
Last Updated on August, 08, 2023.

This table encapsulates the diverse encounters between Argentina and France across different events. From friendly matches to intense World Cup clashes, their history is etched with moments that have left an indelible mark on the football world. With the 2022 World Cup looming, the anticipation for their upcoming clash adds a new layer of excitement to their storied rivalry.

Wrapping Up!

And there you have it, folks! The exciting journey through Argentina vs France’s football rivalry. From their historic clashes to the upcoming showdown, these two teams have kept us on the edge of our seats. So, what do you think of our article? Let us know in comment section below!

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